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In order to best prepare this 2018 edition, thank you for filling in this document   as soon as possible, without fail and without failbefore May 6th 2019.

If you miss this deadline, we can not guarantee the promotion of your show in our promotional documents: companies catalogue and website.

Once the form is filled, the modifications you might want to make must be adressed by phone or via email to the person in charge of the catalogue.

Some information in order to fill the file : 
- Spelling of the compagny's name or the show are very important and definitive. Every character does matter!! You must pay real attention to your use of upper and lower case.
- Don’t forget to keep us informed of any further change regarding the show (cast, synopsis, co-production…).
- Thank you for filing one document for each show.

  Erika Lamy is in charge of updating the companies’ catalogue and the website ( and will be your permanent contact:  03 85 90 88 73 or

Chalon dans la Rue / CNAR L'Abattoir
 Camille Derijard, communication
52 quai Saint Cosme
71100 Chalon sur Saône

Thank you for filing one form for each show
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The Company

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The show

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(Puppet theatre, mime, circus, dance, music…)

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Presentation text

This text will be used in the official catalogue (+/- 550 graphic signs, spaceblanks included) If you can, write it in French, and if you can’t, in English.

(This must be a summury of the first description, +/- 200 graphic signs, spaces included)

Partners, Institutional coproductions

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If yes, please indicate the weblink (it will appear in the company’s file on the festival website... Specify NONE if you don't have one)

Handicap / Accessibility

Since 2007, the festival staff is working on helping disabled people. Shows are listed in a booklet according to different kind of handicap. This form was made by © 1.2.3 Cité Cap


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